Tugolukov Summer CAMP 2023
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ONLY 2 Groups,
ONLY once time in Florida this summer

Group 1 - June 21st-June 24th
Group 2 - June 26th-June 29th

25 players, 4 goalies
Summer Camp of NHL, Dallas Stars Coach STAN TUGOLUKOV
"Your friendly, neighborhood ice-skating rink. The place you've been coming to for years."

Power skating &
Body positioning
-First one-ice session will be aimed at development of skating technique with focus on edge work, explosive starts, acceleration, knee bend, weight shift, balance and coordination. We also focus on the synchronous work of hands and feet of young hockey players.
- Off-ice will include anaerobic and functional training with elements of acro. It will be be devoted to the development of the following physical qualities:
Hand/feet dexterity
Stabilization of all body systems
Players will work in pairs and perform the following:
Work with training balls
Exercise with coordination ladder
Master obstacle course
Gymnastics & Stretching
- Gymnastics training is aimed at improving the flexibility of athletes, in particular muscle elasticity and joint mobility of the ligaments. This type of training helps to prevent athlete injuries and ensure sports longevity.
At the end of each daily session, Challenge Cup will be awarded to an athlete demonstrating best work ethic.
Off-ice games
Work in pairs, work with balls, exercises on the coordination ladder, obstacle course. Acrobatics elements are added to the training process in order to improve balance and coordination
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • 1
    What is power skating for?
    Power skating is a good example of the integration of fitness and skill.

    An athlete who properly utilizes power skating technique skates more efficiently, spends less energy and, therefore, is less fatigued.
  • 2
    What is off-ice training for?
    For the past several decades, great emphasis has been placed on training hockey players off the ice. Investing inoff-ice physical activity can help players make major on ice gains over time. Off-ice training improves players' balance, agility, coordination, speed and strength.
  • 3
    Does a hockey player need gymnastics and stretching?
    Gymnastics and stretching - these elements of off-ice hockey training are often ignored, although they should be included in every activity. If your flexibility is poorly developed, you spend more energy on ice, often using short steps. This leads to excessive muscle tension and causes micro-trauma.
  • 4
    At what age can my child be at your camp?
    We have been recruiting children from 6 years old. In the camp, we divide children into groups of five by age.
  • 5
    Is it possible to learn how to make a good shot in your camp?
    Every day in our camp we practice a set of exercises for a good shot. We do these training exercises during the second ice session.
  • 6
    Do young hockey players need motivation?
    We think that motivation is very important for hockey players. That is why we give the Cup to the best player every training day.
Training Camp
Sports аgency US.CAMP LLC
First Group - June 21st-24th
Second Group - June 26th-29th
ONLY 25 players, 4 goalies
Our Team "Summer Florida Camp"
We are a professional team! We always work to achieve results!
    Stan was born and raised in Chelyabinsk, Russia – the true Russian hockey mecca. He grew up playing on top Russian youth teams and played his first professional season at the age of 17. Besides playing on Russian pro teams for 10 years, Stan also had a decorated international presence as a member of U16 and U18 USSR National team and 1993 Russian Olympic Reserve team. After extensive playing career with Russians Pro teams Traktor, Mechel, and Metallurg Stan retired at 28 to focus on his true passion – coaching.

    Since 2013 Stan has been a part of the Dallas Stars NHL team as a Development Coach in skills development and individual on-ice post-injury conditioning roles.
    Besides being involved with Dallas youth coaching, Stan spends off-season summers working with NHL and other players on individual skills development
    Andrey Sidorenko was born in Chelyabinsk.
    PRO player: USSR National team, Belarus National team
    Traktor Chelyabinsk, Metallurg Magnitogorsk, Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Minsk, Spartak Moscow
    Head coach of Belarus' National team, Head coach of Poland National team
    Coach of KHL teams:
    HC Traktor Chelyabinsk, HC Dinamo Moscow, HC Dinamo Minsk, HC Spartak Moscow, HC Amur Khabarovsk.
    Now Head coach of HC GKS Tychy (Poland)

    Pro hockey player. G manager of KHL teams, Scout of NHL team Dallas Stars
    2010-2014 KHL, Traktor Chelyabinsk - General manager
    2015-2019 NHL, Dallas Stars - SCOUT
    2019-2020 KHL, Avangard Omsk - Dir. of scouting
    2021-2022 KHL, Traktor Chelyabinsk - Dir. of scouting
    2022-2023 NHL, Dallas Stars - SCOUT
    Ilya is a founder of the agency "US.CAMP". He studied hockey at the School of Olympic Reserve TRAKTOR. Played as a goalie.
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